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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Nagging - never a good thing

There is a lot of debate raging over the President's speech to the school children today. Here is my opinon with regard to this debate.

Some argue that the President is trying to indoctrinate the children - I would suggest that it takes a lot more than one speech to do that. Society in general is doing a pretty good job at that and not enough parents are concerned about the general indoctrination going on in schools, among peers, by the medical community, and others. So it seems a bit disingenous to worry about a 20 minute speech rather than worrying about the steady indoctrination of television, Hollywood, schools, school based clinics, etc.

Some parents worry about what the President is going to say. I'm not too worried; while he has made many recent blunders I think he will be careful here and not because the kids will be listening but because the parents will be. Another thing; any television address that lasts 20 -25 minutes is too long to hold the children or young adults captive. Their attention to detail will be long lost.

Let's take it to a practical level - even though many of us disagree with the President on many points I am sure that none of us disagree with every position or statement that he makes. In this light, let's be careful and fight only the worthy fights - the ones which affect faith and morals and leave the nagging aside when issues are frivolous or more worry than substance. We lose credibility when we constantly nag about frivolous or less significant matters. Most of us are wearied by nagging - even if we are the ones doing the nagging. We certainly are wearied when we are nagged against. The Biblical wisdom teaches us not to nag " our children lest they lose heart."

So regarding today's speech, I say the President should tell the kids to listen up, study, and graduate. He should have picked an evening forum rather than school time but he didn't and that is a privilege obtained from his election. I think we have far bigger issues to challenge the president about- for example selecting Czars with power who haven't been vetted by Congress or the American people; the financial affairs of the country; the effort to have the federal government fix life rather than letting states determine the well being of their citizenry; the right to life of all Americans - born and unborn; right to have and hold a job; and more. When we nag about every single issue we lose sight of the bigger fights. We also lose momentum.


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