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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

More about the Health Care Initiatives

There is a lot of talk about how to fix the broken medical systems we have in this country. I would like to offer a few thoughts for obvious ways (but not talked about) to increase health and well being in this country. They include but are not limited to the following:

1. Mothers should practise exclusive and long term breastfeeding for their infants. Evidence shows that this practise gets infants off to their best start in life: physically, emotionally, cognitively, health-wise and for optimum growth. There are benefits for Moms as well. To know more read the Art of Breastfeeding.

2. Sex ought to be confined to loving, marital relations between a man and a woman. Promiscuity - a lost word - is proven to cause cervical cancer, STD's, emotional damage, divorce, and more. God's reason for inscribing the Sixth Commandment & the notion of marriage as permanent, loving, monagomous, and faithful.

3. Marilyn Shannon writes in her book Fertility, Cycles and Nutrition that the 80/20 rule will keep most of us very healthy- this means 80% of the emphasis on health needs to address eating right, getting exercise, and getting adequate sleep; it is essential to maintain a healthy BMI through eating properly and getting exercise.

4. Smoking and unhealthy alcohol consumption is bad for one's health. Just say No is important here as well. Illegal drug use is obviously a detriment to one's personal and public health. What happened to the war on drugs?

5. NFP is the ticket to maintaining health. Wonder what NFP is? Check out for more information.

6. Forget about delaying pregnancy until the late 30's and early 40's. There are many complications, harms to health, and heavy medical costs associated with any combination of the following: delayed marriage, delayed pregnancy, birth control use, promiscuity, and artifical conception techniques such as invitro fertilizations, sperm donation. Wonder how much each invitro fertilization costs insurance companies? Zillions! Consider this piece of information found on the internet: "As the average IVF cycle charges are between $10,000 and $15,000, analysts have reported costs of about $35,000 per delivery in younger women, while medical costs per delivery are over $132,000 for women over 40. " The medical costs for the eight "octo" babies are many more times the costs of 8 healthy, term babies conceived naturally!

Some natural things to consider!

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