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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The very real art of Breastfeeding

The Very Real Art of Breastfeeding: The Abstract

Worthwhile human activity, whether it falls under the umbrella of science or the humanities, serves to advance society. We sort our education into generally two categories: science or art. It has become far easier to explain something in scientific terms than to discuss its humanizing consequences especially those that come about through process.
This is the argument that must be made with regard to breastfeeding - an art with deep humanizing qualities. Hands down, science has proven to the world that breast milk is best for babies. Unfortunately this proof ignores its most important element - breastfeeding. While the uniqueness of human milk has been touted and showcased, breastfeeding is still relegated to closets and bathrooms. In our society, out of sight is synonymous with out of mind. Is it any wonder then why breastfeeding rates continue to fall below healthy baby goals and objectives?
Mothers who breastfeed their babies will need to learn new skills, techniques and principles in order to get breastfeeding off to a good start. She will need to be observant. But these still won’t be enough.
If we had only known just how great breast milk was generations ago, perhaps we wouldn’t have to teach women how to breastfeed today! Lack of insight into both have advanced the cause of breastfeeding buttinskies who continue to discourage, disparage, and even ridicule breastfeeding – overtly and covertly. But are they really just discouraging the mammalian way to feed a baby? Perhaps their disparagement is more sinister. Perhaps they are part of the crowd that simply discourages men and women to love less.
Human experiences that encourage us to genuinely give of oneself to another – especially for the good of another human person – and at the sacrifice of one’s own self – simply is the process that increases our own capacity to Love. When we learn to love others authentically all of society benefits!
Breastfeeding allows mothers to give of themselves in a way that uniquely allows them to grow their own capacity to love in a way restricted to femininity… .