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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Time Flies

Wow, it's been a month since my last posting. This has been a busy writing month for me and my family. I have begun to write my sequel to Daughters Forever, Sons Forever and it takes a lot of my brain cells to think through the chapter content. Ha. My next book will be written for the student about to enter college or is in college; it will be entitled Daughters Forever, Sons Forever Off to College.

We went on a mini college tour with our number six child! Time truly does fly. He was impressed with my alma mater: the University of North Dakota. He loved the Fighting Sioux mascots even though their name is under scrutiny for lack of political correctness. If I were of the Sioux nation, I might rather be known as the fighting sioux than the sissy sioux but that is probably rather unwise to write publicly.

Also, it is interesting to think about the possibilities for the nation to have a national Press Corps that is in the tank for President Obama. He apparently doesn't know how to handle those who aren't in the same think tank. I guess most power seeking people believe that they know best and the rest of us are just too ignorant to see the big picture. So when a renegade news organization doesn't see it his way, President Obama questions their authenticity as a news organization.

I wonder if Catholics have been in the tank for the Democratic party as well? Would the pro-life cause be struggling as it is if they weren't? Look at what happens when US Bishops rightfully express concerns about the health care initiatives- Patrick Kennedy dares to ask them how dare they question the health care proposal! Guess he doesn't know how to handle those who think for themselves either. Maybe he also viewed Catholics as being in his same think tank.

We must all dare to ask some real hard questions of those in power.

I thought we lived in a nation that cherished freedom of press and speech and independent thinking? I guess that is also under advisement at this time. What do you think?