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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Breakable things

Happy New Year.

Over the course of time, I have lost many valuable things. These losses seemed devestatingly painful at the time. I remember clearly the day that someone stole (from my cubicle at work while a Co-Op Student at 3M) my wallet, my birthstone ring I had just received for Christmas from my parents and another ring from my boyfriend who is now my husband - Dave. I was very sad and hurt that a "co-worker" would dare to steal my beloved things.

My children have broken a few precious things over time also like my glass hummingbird, a few glass musical globes, glasses, dishes, and on and one. I have also broken cherished wedding gifts that I mourned over for at least a day. I have also lost valued earrings, and other pieces of jewelry. Just recently, my grandson broke my waterford salt shaker. At first I was angry that he even was playing with it in the first place.... gradually the anger was replaced with mourning and then acceptance - this rite was passed through quite quickly because I was only mourning things.

We all realize that things can actually be replaced- and over the course of time I have found I can live without these things quite easily! But what I couldn't live easily without is the love of my family. I am grateful that I have a loving husband and children.... so why is it that at times I make it seem that things are more important to me than they are?

Life is too short to worry about stuff - but it is the lives of our children and our husband that really matter. thoughts?