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Friday, September 13, 2013

Bullying - What Parents Can Do About It 

Recently, a twelve year old girl jumped to her death. The local sheriff said that the girl committed suicide after being bullied online by over a dozen girls. Not sure that's the real story... but if you want to read more:

What troubles me about the report is what isn't said. What were the parents doing about the bullying? Did they know? If not, why not? Was the girl getting appropriate counseling and support at home? Why was she online so often and with odd sorts of social media? Even foreign ones? Why did this twelve year old girl have all the time in the world for the online posting but lacked personal, face to face friendships? Why her interest in the story? Why our interest in this story. I am pretty certain, there are other twelve year old girls contemplating and committing suicide but the news media doesn't cover that out of respect for the family. Why this story? What's in it to shock us?

Am I suggesting that the bullies are not culpable? Of course they are; but, we have to ask: who are the players that led up to this death? What led up to the act? What was her family life like? Did she have any good family support? If not, why did the sheriff zero in on the online bullies? Was he misquoted or taken out of context?  It appears as if her self esteem had tanked a while back or she would have had more to do than post what she did on Facebook.

Not knowing the full story, it's easy to assign blame to one group while looking away from another  In my opinion, the authorities ought to look beyond, (while including in the mix), the online bullies. They need to find out whether  this girl was abused by a 'trusted' acquaintance, friend, teacher, relative or parent.

The take away for me is this: what we say and write matters. Several days ago, my sister said to me: America has to change. We have got to stop spouting our mouths off about anything and everything that we know nothing about! Perhaps she was referring to my blog overtly! Her point was this: none of us are any longer being held accountable for the things we say  unless we get suddenly are thrown in the limelight. Then things we said or did decades ago can be held against us depending on who exposes it and why. But for the most part, the average Joe gets to say anything - even when it is completely fact less  - and no one challenges him on anything he says or why he says it. Yet the cumulative effect is there! There has been a steady state erosion of civil dialogue and commentary - both public and private. There is a general coarsening of the words used. If someone is offended we act as if they are too simple or native! It's their problem. Don't believe me - check out the Facebook postings! They are anything but civil. This girl was taunted to kill herself over and over again!  And so the cycle of hurt people hurting people continues without check. Listen to the TV, radio, awards' presentations! Shock talk is everywhere!  And it comes at the expense of someone!

Let me list a few more examples of bullying that seems ordinary and acceptable of late: a street gang of college students followed Gen. Petraeus to his first class at City University of NY all the while calling him a baby killer, a war criminal, etc. Even if they disagreed with his position as General of the US Army, where is treating each other with human dignity gone? The pundits right and left using name calling to get their point across. Maybe even the re-posting of things I find humorous are offensive to some others.  It has to start with each of us - person to person. Even if everyone around us is name calling, being liars, being a bully, we have to resist the urge to match fire with fire. Yes, its humanly impossible but not when we arm ourselves with supernatural grace.

And parents have to step up their game. They can't have it both ways. Either they attend to their parenting duties or they admit they can't. All of us have to make sure our own children are not bullied in ways that spiral out of control. We have to give them effective tools when they are bullied. We have to  fill the emotional tanks of our children so they don't care about the bullies they encounter. We have to make sure we know what our kids are doing and why! We have to set the example or else bad stuff like this happens and then its too late to do something about it.
You can read more about this in my next book due to be released in November, 2013 entitled Mothers Forever, Fathers Forever. The subtitle is still up for grabs...

Finally, we have to make sure that we say what we mean and mean what we say in a civil way!
It just isn't true that sticks and stones can break my bones but words can't ever hurt me!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The Obvious Contradictions - Where America Goes Blind

Contradictions do not normally need any explanations because they are so obviously ridiculous - that is unless we refuse to acknowledge or recognize them.What follows is a short list of the more obvious contradictions that Americans seem content to put up with.... Some of the contradictions are addressed in the form of a question.

This will be updated as more come to light.

1. Choice assigns pregnant women the unilateral right to decide to have  an abortion or not. Fathers of these babies have no say in this decision primarily because they  are not the ones who are carrying the baby even though the baby would not be present without him. 

2. Mothers have all the say prior to birth yet after birth are told that it takes a village to raise a child.

3. Minors need their parents' consent to get their ears pierced, have an appendectomy  or other medical procedure with the exception of procuring an abortion.

4. All states allow for abortion of an unborn baby; criminals who kill a pregnant mother can be charged with two murders in 20 plus states.

5.  Dennis Rodman goes to North Korea and touts the goodness of a dictator that continues to sentence dissenters into concentration camps. Is that why Rodman seems so agreeable with Kim? He doesn't want to be put in one!  Yet, he refuses to defend the rights of  his fellow American sentenced to 15 years of hard labor just because he wanted to bring the message of the Bible to N. Korea. 

6. The US couldn't launch a rescue mission to Benghazi according to the president, but Syria is more of a national interest than the lives of the 50 people in Benghazi.

7. Help me, Harlan (regular columnist for St. Paul Pioneer Press)  offers this advice on 9-10-2013 to Conflicted (when asked: If I have a girlfriend back home and I want to have sex in college, what do I do? I still have feelings for my girlfriend but I feel conflicted."). Have sex with yourself, break up with your girlfriend and date other girls ... Don't cheat! Wait to see if the idea of random sex with random girls is worth losing what you have. " And what is that Harlan? You already told him to break up with his girlfriend and have sex with himself. As if that will be fulfilling and non-cheating! Maybe this advice counselor needs counseling.

8. CBS reported that people with Down Syndrome may hold the keys to our understanding of Alzheimer Disease. After all, about 50% of these people get Alzheimer Disease by the age of 40; the remainder don't exhibit the Disease yet have plague buildup on the brain. Nearly 90% of all parents given the prenatal diagnosis of Trisomy 21 elect to have an abortion. Doesn't look like we will be having any answers for Alzheimer Disease in the near future... 

9.  There are only a few (rare exception) Catholic schools (in the nation) that willingly admit and recruit children with special needs - even though the Church is solidly against abortion of these children. That includes CCD religious educational programs as well.

10. The American people want answers for the IRS scandal, Benghazi, the NSA email scandal but don't get them from the people they vote into office. Will they keep voting for these incumbents anyway?

11. Why do we only have term limits on the office of the President?

12. America is concerned about eating disorders, yet the only one talked about openly involves those regarding over eating and being overweight.

13.  The Assad regime has been the sole protector of the Christian sects in Syria according to some articles.

14. America did nothing during the genocide in Rwanda; over 1 million people were slaughtered by government sponsored tribal peoples.

15. We are the richest country in the world, yet we can't lift the poor out of poverty. Since the War on Poverty was launched, we have more Americans in poverty than when it began.

16. Women's health issues focus on how to avoid being a wife and mother - by choice.

17. Men's health issues center principally on how to be sexually active.

18. Contraception was touted as being the thing that would save and improve upon marriages; since its nearly worldwide use, marriage rates have fallen and divorce rates have skyrocketed.

19. We are in a time of economic sequestering - we even had to limit air traffic controller hours, cut back on national park services, and close the White House to tours; suddenly we have 100 million dollars available to send cruise missiles into Syria. 

20. Kids are out but pets are in.