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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Inviting You to Help us Help Today's Parents of Teens

Nearly every adult has at least some worries/concerns about today’s teens– especially in the area of sexuality, and drug or alcohol abuse. The evidence suggests that many adult influencers have simply not been effective in helping teens counter today’s social temptations - and for a number of reasons. Consequently, teens have unprecedented incidence of unplanned pregnancies, suicide, sexually transmitted infections, and abortions. We believe we can help parents and families within parishes who share these same concerns.

Please allow me to introduce myself, our company and its works. I am Linda Kracht and founder of Fortifying Families of Faith; our mission is to help strengthen families, marriages, and parents. We believe that parents are the key to forming their teens in areas of faith, virtues (specifically chastity, self-control, temperance, and perseverance, morals and lifestyles, but these keys include consistency, staying involved, perceived as trustworthy, and staying committed. We can help fortify parents for this task.

Fortifying Families of Faith has produced a unique sexuality/health curriculum which invites parents to become active and committed partners in the formation of their teens in these areas. (Daughters Forever, Sons Forever (Hijas Para Siempre, Hijos Para Siempre) curriculum has been granted the Nihil Obstat & Imprimatur by Archbishop John C. Neinstadt). This past year, we held seminars for over 150 parents of teens in several parishes in the Archdiocese – in both English and Spanish. The positive feedback was reward enough for us - I and Viviana Sotro - but it made us realize that we need to put on more seminars in different locations and more frequently.

One glaring problem remains an obstacle to the success of this program; this is perhaps where you can help. Many attending parents – especially the Hispanic families – need financial assistance to pay the tuition for these events. Fortifying Families of Faith is accepting donations so this obstacle goes away.

I would like to tell you about how one parent was affected by attending the conference presented in Spanish to Hispanic families. Soon after attending the conference, this mother’s teen daughter was scheduled for a physical exam at their medical clinic. The mother was informed that the doctor intended to give the daughter the HPV vaccination. The mother objected to the vaccination after reading about it in Hijas Para Siempre, Hijos Para Siempre . Learning of the mother’s objections, the doctor gave reasons why the daughter should receive the vaccine. The mother listened politely but restated her opposition after staying unconvinced by the clinical sales pitch. Upon showing our book to the doctor, the mother was admonished for believing anything published in “religiously-based books”. The mother stood her ground forcing the physician to admit to several points offered in our book. We consider the mother’s stance a win - without the book/seminar, the mother would not have had the opportunity to know about the counterpoints against the Gardasil vaccination program. Given facts from both viewpoints, the mother was able to come to her own conclusion with regard to allowing – or not - the administration of this vaccine to her teen. We want all parents to have the chance to be fortified - especially in areas they feel lacking - so they can effectively parent given today's social influences on their teens.

Fortifying Families of Faith hopes to raise $12,000 for 2011-2012 school year so that we can offer free tuition or tuition assistance to over 100 families. Please help us help parents; can you help us with this effort by sending us a donation of $100 or $1000?. Thank you most sincerely for any assistance you can provide.