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Monday, April 20, 2009

What About Menopause?

Beginning next week, I will share with my readers new and pertinent information about menopause. I will also stay committed to posting information and discussions about breastfeeding, parenting, special needs issues and more. Stay tuned.....

You may be interested to know that several years ago, I was invited to subscribe to Sage Pub - this is a great online resource for writers and researchers. It gives people like me easy, unfettered access to journals, papers and abstracts, and other publications for a variety of areas and disciplines. Having access to this online "library" has opened up information for me that I would not otherwise have easily obtained. It has been great having this access! It helps me blog more intelligently about the topics of interest.

The source of "scientific" information facilitated the publication of my first two books: Daughters Forever, Sons Forever & The Art of Breastfeeding. I have begun collecting research for another book entitled: Daughters Forever, Sons Forever Off to College! The box-full of information awaiting me is getting ever deeper and wider! A full list of my books can be found on

Please let me know if you have any particular questions or curiosities with regard to menopause, breastfeeding, or parenting, or any other related subject - I will try to get a discussion going on that point as well. Hope you join in the discussions! Please feel free to forward any blogs to family or friends. Let's get some great discussions going!

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