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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Designer Baby: Part Three of three

Oh the conundrums that "science" generates when it tries to artificially reproduce human life.... let's examine a few.

Consider the number of "test-tube" babies who will never know their biological brothers, sisters, or "parents". Eventually, two may meet, fall in love, and plan to marry without realizing their in-vitro connection.

What do we do about the myriad of frozen embryos awaiting an open womb? Perhaps the only moral resolution is allowing the "forzen' life to naturally decay in the frozen state; however, when does that occur? How long?

Did you know that a baby was artificially produced with the intention of using him for treating an older sibling's health problems? (Nash, 2000)

The advances in artificial reproduction have gone beyond servicing life - these artificial advances service opportunity, materialism, and consumerism.

Dr. J. Steinberg- a designer baby doctor- recently stated the following: “Many countries do not allow designer babies; the US has no legislation prohibiting these scientific procedures… What do you think I see when I visit those countries? I see a bunch of people with Down Syndrome walking around!” Take his statement at face value. Steinberg obviously thinks that babies born with Down syndrome are a liability. He is talking about our beloved youngest daughter - and many other wonderful individuals.

InVitro fertilization is a vice and it invites additional vice; it is no wonder the Church declares it to be an illicit procedure.

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