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Monday, November 23, 2015

Can You Name Them?

by Linda Kracht 

Can you name them? Can you name the primary virtue that is one’s personal resolve of the mind and heart to maintain discipline over one’s physical (and sexual) body? The same virtue couples natural desires with what (another virtue)?  What is required to maintain this virtue (three points)? What is the primary and opposing vice to the primary virtue? This primary vice couples natural desires with what other vice?

Please do not plug these questions into your handy dandy internet browsers because, yes, the answers will likely pop right up. These are not trick questions. But if there is a very general inability to get the answers right from among this population of readers, it is highly likely that others will not know the answers either. And if people in general are not acquainted with these virtues and their opposing vices, it helps to explain why society seems to be going in nay wrong directions. When we should know but don’t know these things, then we can’t teach them or give witness to them to those are less likely to understand and/or embrace them. The opposing vices in question explain why hurt people really are hurting many other people - of all ages.  

Please send your answers to each of the above questions along with your name, religious affiliation, age, address, and email address to our email account: Respondents who answer all five questions accurately will receive a free bookmark from our collection. All names received (with right answers) will be entered into a drawing to receive a free copy of A Book For All Seasons

Obviously the readers are on the honor system which means that we presume you will answer the question without any personal help; i.e. you will not look up answers from any sources or resources. And you are the person sending in the response.

There is a purpose behind this quest and it is not to give away free things or to introduce me or my company  [Fortifying Families of Faith] to you. The responses received will help form my next talking points while teaching parents and their adolescents about virtues in general and more specifically about these virtues in question. My hypothesis is already in place; it will be up to the readers to debunk or strengthen it.

If you do not receive anything from me you can assume that your answers were wrong - or at least one of them. You will find the right answers in my column entitled Can You Name Them - the followup or by emailing me. 

Lastly, donations or outright orders of our materials are always welcome to help defray costs for projects such as this one. Mail donations to

I am looking forward to hearing from you! 

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