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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Parenting Teens: Building Strong Futures

To Parents of our Parenting Teens: Building Strong Futures Workshops

After any workshop, it's perfectly normal to have additional questions. These will be posted under the Parenting Teens: Building Strong Futures label; check this out at your convenience and post questions or provide additional insight to the various postings.

We hope you avail yourselves of this label frequently. Please feel free to post comments, questions, or concerns. This section is for you. We decided that most parents are too busy to tune into an online chat but let me know if you decide that you prefer that venue to this one.

You may also send me an email if you choose to use that forum. That address is

These are the questions sent our way since the last parent workshop: 

Comment:  Parents of younger children should also have been invited.

Our response: We agree and going forward publicity will state for parents of children ages 12 and older.

Question: What is the order of using the Daughters Forever, Sons Forever curriculum? 

Answer: We covered a lot of material at the workshop and I apologize for not making it crystal clear as to what to read or do first, second, third, etc. So let me try and clarify here.

The parent workbook (not the teen workbook) prefaces each section with a detailed To Do List (the teen workbooks just have an abbreviated check list) For instance, section one tells parents to  read the Introduction and Chapter one, highlighting points of interest. Then it instructs parents to read the summary in the workbook, complete reflection questions, and then assign reading, workbook, etc. to your teen. It gives other details as well.

Try and finish each section within a month's period of time.

Question: When do we use the parent worksheets handed out in the workshop? I believe they are compiled in a ring-bound booklet called the Parent Handouts? 

Answer: The parent handbook contained Seventeen handouts (some handouts have an a and b sheet). We recommend using them as indicated:

Title                 Handout #  When/how 
Parenting: Handout 1 - Parents' Personal use only
Gender Matters: Handout 2 - Use during chapter three discussions
Worldview : Handout 3 - Any chapter discussion 
Giving Mixed Messages: Handout 4 - Parents' Personal Use only.
Gotta Have it : Handout 5 - Chapter two - Materialism discussions.
Group Think : Handout 6 - Chapter Two - Peer pressure discussions.
Assessing Rape Tolerance: Handout 7 - Chapter Four discussions about Rape.
Building My Pyramid: Handout 8-  Chapter Two in workbooks already  
Cat In Cradle: Handout 9 - Personal Reflection
Attitude about Marriage?:  Handout 10 - Chapter 7 discussions.
Divorce Tolerance: Handout 11 - Chapter 7 discussions.
Parents Primary Educators : Handout 12 - Personal Reflections.
Bible Teaches Parents : Handout 13 - Personal Reflections
Bible teaches teens : Handout 13b -Chapter one discussions; Assign this to teen.
ISMS: Handout 14 - Chapter 10 discussions.
Technology Bites: Handout 15- Chapter two discussions.
Stairway to Heaven: Handout 16 - Conclusion
Abortion Info: Handout 17- Chapter Six discussions


  1. In Handout #1, page 1, point b.: What does "disinterested service" mean?

    1. My response is found in next posting. Thank you for the questions.