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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Above My Pay Grade

Sister Simone Campbell recently went viral after going on FOX News, and addressing the DNC convention. She has been tagged - and has tagged herself-  as one of several "Nuns on the Bus" (as opposed to the wheels on the bus I suppose).

Another old sing-song that she may like goes something like this: "Some like it hot, some like it cold, and some like it in the pot nine days old."

Well, it seems that Sister likes it hot because she delivers a lot of hot air   - publicly. And she seems to especially like to criticize her 'own people and her own way of life' including Cardinal Dolan, and the Catholic Church itself. She is getting popular (among certain circles at least ) because of her criticism of "the U.S. bishops for their stance on the Affordable Care Act and the HHS mandate, as well as decrying what she sees as a Church leadership too focused on the right to life of the unborn versus other aspects of the Catholic pro-life message, and more." according to the Catholic News Herald,  ( Sept, 19, 2012.

Still, she seems to be able to take the heat so I am going to give her a bit more ...

Sister Campbell seems confused about who/what she really believes in. While openly criticizing really Catholic Catholics she seems to prefer to run with Catholics who have to keep reminding the rest of us that they (really) are Catholics. That's the funny thing, Cardinal Dolan never has to tell people he's really Catholic does he?  That's because we know he is Catholic by what he says,what he expressly believes, and what he does. Her friends, on the other hand, need to keep telling the rest of us that they really are Catholic! And that's because we don't recognize them as such by the way they live, act, and talk. Even they have to keep reminding themselves that they are Catholic! 

Also, when asked by O'Reilly about her stance on abortion - after delivering an impassioned sentence or two about the immorality of the Romney/Ryan plan, Sister quickly dismissed the question by saying that a discussion of abortion is "above her pay grade"

If you are going to insert yourself into a discussion about the immorality of certain economic plans, it seems to me that you're paid enough to be able to opine on whether killing an unborn baby is right or wrong, for heaven's sake. Even our daughter with Down Syndrome can know that with 100% clarity and without doubting herself that killing little babies seen moving around, sucking their thumbs, yawning, and stretching on ultrasounds is a black and white issue - they are human and they are alive! Who's kidding who? All of us know it's a lot easier to know life when they see one compared to  understanding the full ramifications of economic plans on the poor and displaced people!

Sister, will you please get off the bus and start holding newborns so you can really understand who you support for president - the one you back with all your might and vocal cord energy! He is the president who would allow that same child you are holding to be executed gang style just moments before birth; and all because his intelligence prevents him from knowing that "a person's a person no matter how small!

And one more comment, Sister, please pray about this. By this I mean: stop asking God to get rid of those rascally Republicans  and start asking Him to give you a heart that is obedient, humble, and one that loves enough to take up the defense for the  very least of His: the unborn child!

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