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Monday, September 21, 2009

Magnetism - God's natural law

This morning I awoke with an unusual thought that I wanted to share with you. Have you ever thought about using magnets to describe our faith life to your children? Magnets can describe this quite cleverly - let me try to explain it to you first and see what you think.

If you hold two magnets with like poles facing the other the result is that they repel each other very strongly. In other words two positive poles repel each other. Even very weak magnets exhibit this same phenomenon. It is part of the natural law; it is also very obvious to whomever is experimenting with the magnets. Imagine this is two people in life - at times we seem to naturally repel the other. It can also be imagines as sin in our lives repelling us away from God.

Now put the two magnets with the opposite poles together Now they attract each other very strongly. This should represent God and us. The closer we are to God - the Supreme Positive Pole - the stronger the attraction and the desire we have to cling to Him; however the further we pull our magnetic self away from God - the less of an attraction we have for things of His. Finally, we might even end up without any attraction at all. Sin and the corresponding lack of grace affects us like the two magnets that are pulled apart from their natural attractions - from their sphere of influence. As we become grace-filled we eagerly cling to things of God; as we orbit out of His pole - or sphere - due to sin, temptation, etc. we gradually feel less and less of an attraction to Him. As we leave His attraction, we are pulled further and further away from all that is good. Just like the little magnet finally leaves the sphere of influence of the big magnet as it is pulled away, we also leave God's grace as we are pulled away. I think this is why God made magnetism - don't you agree?
I hope you like this analogy - it was God's little message to me today.

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