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Friday, June 5, 2009

Why Do Women Talk So Much?

Some husbands wonder how women can talk and talk and talk without tiring or losing interest in the subject matter. Maybe sometimes we women even wonder how we can talk so much without tiring! Well, now we know! A study shows that connecting emotionally with another friend helps to boost our moods and reduce or eliminate stress!

Scientists discovered that progesterone rises or falls depending on whom and what we are talking about. Neutral discussions do nothing for our female moods; in fact, the study showed that progesterone actually falls during such discussions. On the other hand, when women feel emotionally connected to someone via talking, then our hormone levels rise elevating mood and reducing stress.

Progesterone, a marker used to measure oxytocin levels, was studied. Oxytocin is often dubbed the love hormone because it is released during breastfeeding, during intimate times, and even during eye to eye contact. It is essential for building relationships and strengthening human bonding. This is partly why breastfeeding enables closer mother- baby bonding. It also helps explain the strength of the human bond between husband and wife.

Interestingly, the study demonstrated that increased progesterone levels predicted a increased willingness to risk one's life for another. It is important to note that progesterone elevates significantly during pregnancy; naturally this is the time when mothers must be willing to put their own well being secondary to the well being of their unborn baby in order for a successful outcome to the pregnancy.

Of interest to me was this statement: "the hormonal basis of social bonds enable people to suppress self interest* " This should beg further investigation into whether or not the artificial regulation of women's and men's natural hormone levels (via the Pill, hormonal contraception, hormonal growth therapies, sexual dysfunction therapies) pre-empt good social bonding and the suppression of self interest. Do these therapies stymie bonding? Do they increase self interest? Take a look around. It wouldn't be that far fetched to wonder if the effects of the Pill are much more than simple birth control measures! Perhaps they limit bonding. Perhaps these hormonal birth control measures drive down authentic love. Perhaps they increase self interest! This is what JP ll taught in the Theology of the Body discourses. This brilliant observation by the Pope years ago seems to be confirmed by hormone science studies.

What say you?
*Hormones and Behavior by Stephanie Brown reported in

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