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Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Culture of Life Institute

A lethal war is being waged against unborn babies with special needs. This war is instigated out of the sight, minds, and consciences of most Americans. It is waged by physicians who believe that “designer babies” are the solution to the prevention of babies born with Down Syndrome or 4,000 other genome “problems.”

The war against the unborn babies with mental and physical birth defects is made easier by those who insist that private schools don’t have enough money to fund students with special needs. It is ameliorated when others dismiss the fact that special needs babies are created equal to “extra-ordinarily gifted children” in God’s sight. We understand these issues; our daughter Kyra has Down Syndrome.

The silent war against the elderly is another sinister war; this one is waged by disparaging the elderly people’s influence, importance, and worth. This war hopes to “re-assign” the aged population to elderly “reservations,” assisted living places, or nursing homes that are essentially devoid of children, grandchildren, close connections with their families, hope, life, and service to others.

I have a dream -- someday I hope to help start a Culture of Life Institute. This Institute would open its school doors for my Kyra and all the other Kyras of the world. But it would also welcome their brothers and sisters, grandparents, and others. This Institute (K-12 independent Catholic-school/assisted living/nursing home community) would re-unite the old to the young; it would re-connect families; it would provide opportunity for the elderly to give of themselves to the young children; it would allow children to give back to the elderly; it would be a lively place full of example, faith, life, and learning.

If you are interested in helping us carry out this special enterprise, please send me a note.

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  1. Hi Linda! This sounds like a wonderful thing to do. I wish I could offer help but all I can do is pray right now!! I didn't realize you were in Mpls. We're only three hours away.
    God bless!!